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Welcome to OxPods, the podcast by Oxford students and their professors.

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Looking to make the most of our world-leading professors, we decided to set up a platform to interview these academics on the niche, weird and wonderful from their subjects. We aim to create thought-provoking and easily digestible podcast episodes, made for anyone with an interest in the world around them. 

So far, we are launching episodes in our Biology, English, History, Human Sciences and Philosophy channels, but will expand to encompass more subjects soon. 


Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of OxPods - with our content ranging from clownfish reproduction to the Italian American mafia, and a team of students and professors from a wide range of backgrounds. It is this rich diversity of perspectives and interests, hand-picked from one of the world's leading universities, that makes OxPods unique. 

We believe OxPods will provide a platform for people who do not have access to Oxford tuition to engage with high-level academia that is nevertheless approachable and intelligible. We want to break down the Oxford stereotypes by sharing insights from academics. 

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