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Term card

In our first term, Hilary 2023, we will be releasing episodes on Monday-Friday on a biweekly basis - see the schedule below!

Hilary 2023 

PILOT - Dealing with Disease in Animal Collectives

  1. The Moral Value of a Foetus

  2. Oxford and the COVID-19 Vaccine

  3. Political Polarisation: the State of American Democracy Today

  4. Shakespeare's Underappreciated Comedies

  5. Long-term Population Studies


  1. Abrahamic Religions, Free Will and Determinism

  2. Pottery in the Pandemic

  3. Colours of Paradise: Paul Gauguin in Martinique

  4. Women's Writing in Early Modern England

  5. Microbiomes and Host Niche Colonisation


  1. The Philosophy of Marriage

  2. Obesity: Social and Cultural Dimensions

  3. The Invention of Coinage

  4. Medieval Romance, King Arthur and Beyond

  5. Modelling Epidemics


  1. Street Art: a Parasite?

  2. The Origins of Agriculture

  3. The History of Poor Relief in Britain

  4. Memory in 18th Century Literature

  5. Social Networks and the Spread of Behaviour

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